If you are in doubts that you might waste money while visiting Dubai you are totally wrong. Dubai. Dubai is a place that makes sure that whoever comes here, never regret spending money. They enjoy to the fullest and capture zillions of memories in your head.

Dubai is all evolved in these past few has become a place with beautiful, tall and curvy building with thousands of entertainment places to go to and giant malls. Dubai is a main go to spot for tourists. They feel that they will get everything here one could ask for. Dubai is reliably an exhilarating place.

There are many famous tourists spot here. Dubai will make you feel alive more than ever and you’ll just feel out of this world. One of the go to place in Dubai for tourists is Dubai desert safari.Thisdesert will just drive you crazy. Dubai desert safaris alluring beauty is just not deniable.

Under an open sky, this desert just looks so captivating and beautiful. Whenyou’ll see camel walking slowly and steadily across the desert you’ll just feel amazing.

Morning in Dubai desert safari: this is the time of the day when desert is not at all crowded. You ate picked up from the hotel and dropped to the desert. You are then served with scrumptious Arabian breakfast under an open sky which will make you feel out of this world.

Exciting activities in Dubai desert safari at afternoon:you will have so many stuff to do here as it is said, It is not an ordinary kind of a desert. Dubai desert safari is one hell of a place. It will give you an opportunity to have so many things to clean hand on.

You can have bumpy camel ride in the desert which makes this desert a special one. The camel is tall and humble to the people visiting here. You can see the whole desert while travelling on the camel.  Camel has an Arabian guide beside it for your safetypurposes.

You can also have a ride on the bashing sand dunes. Riding on the giant vehicles is just so thrilling and exciting. Dubaidesert safari is known for its riding on bashing sand dunes.

There is also some adventurous quad biking inDubai desert safari. This biking is approached by young and adult age groups.

Henna: Arabian women are expert in applying henna designs to the people visiting Dubai desert safari. They make beautifulpatterns on hands, legs and palms.

You can also have a wonderful evening while sitting beside a lit blazing bonfire when sky is in beautiful breathtaking colors.  There is a belly dance performance on Arabian songs and the belly dancers just gather crowd and make them cheerful. Belly dancers are just so good in dancing and making people happy around there.

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